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Is Your Spiritual Diet Balanced?

Having a balanced diet is very important to our physical growth and development. However we give little importance to the diet required for spiritual development. Malnutrition occurs when there is inadequate amount of protein in the diet. Kwashiokor is another name for severe protein malnutrition. It’s usually found in people living in geographical areas that

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Never Lose the Awe of God

God is the vital necessity in our life. This implies that He is so intricately involved and required for the sustenance of our life that we cannot live without Him. The Bible talks about this in a couple of places, but it seems to be only the Amplified version that uses this terminology….” vital necessity”.Jeremiah, the prophet

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There’s the word called ‘Relationship’ that the Lord has been highlighting to me. It’s a word that Father God seems to take very seriously, and I wonder if we know just how important it is to Him. There are many different types of relationships. Relationship can refer to family relations and relatives. It could be

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