God is good…All the time, God is good.

This is a matter that every individual, every child of the Most High God is encouraged to understand, one way or the other – The Goodness of God. Papa is either good or He is not good, in other words, if we say He is not good…..are we saying that He is…..bad.! Sometimes we think we can pander to our feelings and imagine there is a middle ground, or a place on the fence to sit, but there really is no middle ground and no place on the fence to sit. The battle is too fierce for an indecision like this, because it allows the enemy access into our lives to trip us up, or to destroy us. There is too much at stake for us to keep wavering or doubting. James 1 v 6-8 advises us that when we want to ask Father God for wisdom, we should ask in faith without doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord, he is a double minded man and unstable in all his ways. This seems to me that Father God does not generally appreciate wavering and double mindedness. We need to know where we stand with matters concerning our Lord. We therefore can’t be in a place where we are unsure of our Father’s goodness to us, after all these years, especially for those who have walked with Him for some time.

Our Heavenly Father is saying that the time has come when the matter of His goodness has to be settled, first in our minds and then in our hearts. We can no longer oscillate, like a pendulum between these two opinions. We have got to settle this matter and not only know where we stand, but declare it out loud, before testing comes. We have got to settle this because what we believe, will impact how we behave. How we behave will impact the authority we walk in, and give us the ability to enter into the fullness of all that Christ died for that we should walk in.
This onslaught of the Covid 19 on nations of the world has left many of us at a cross road and many are confused and running helter skelter. Many have no clue what to think or do any more. We all have never been this way before and need to give each other grace and be there for each other. Many are looking to the Body of Christ for real solutions or answers. Many are looking to the Body of Christ for leading, because many are asking, “which way should we go”…., “which turn should we take…..?”

Our ability to provide direction and leadership at this crucial time will depend on us having settled this matter about His goodness for ourselves, and then we will be available to lead others aright. Many in the world, who don’t know what else to think, have decided that Father God caused this horrible pandemic. What a horrible thought to have. You and I would not think of throwing a pandemic at our children to punish them, so why would we think that our good, good Father of love would do that. We would however only think like this, if we are uncertain about His goodness.
We give so much credence to our feelings, over and above God’s Word. We can no longer live life where we judge God’s word based on our experience and situations. It’s like we are judging God using our own standards. Hello…….how does that sound….!! Who here is the Creator, and who is the created being, more so the child? Our God who created the world and threw the stars into the skies, knows the end from the beginning. Our God created the world from nothing (Genesis 1 v 1-3).
Is it possible that we learn to address whatever is holding us back from really getting to know our Father God for who He says He is? Is it possible that we enter into a personal relationship and get to really intimately know our Father and get to know what He says in His Word. Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world and He is very good at His job. He died on the Cross (1 Peter 2 v 24), so we would be reconciled to Father God (2 Corinthians 5 v 21). Father God has shown us such an incredible quality of love, allowing us to be called His children (1 John 3 v 1). Let us allow Him to draw us into His Arms of love and there help us believe even the things we don’t understand. If we do this, we will be convinced about His goodness. Father God looks over us in love and we can respond to this love. Love always believes the best.

The challenges facing many now, can be dealt with more easily, if we learn to align with what God the Father is saying about the situation rather than, our estimation and assessment of the situation. We can find out what Father God is saying, merely by asking Him in prayer. He loves to hear our voices in prayer (Song of Solomon 2 v 14).
Always remember that we never will have all the facts on this side of eternity for much of what is going on. However, we have to decide where to pitch our tent, based on our personal experience and knowledge of Father God or based on His Word. We should pitch on the Lord’s side holding unto His Word and His goodness, rather than go and align with the enemy.
If we are in a dilemma concerning Father God’s goodness, then we ought to ask Him what lies we are believing about Him. We may need to investigate with Him, who taught us these lies and then forgive the person, while also renouncing the lies. We could then ask Father God for the truth of the situation.

If we are able to spend some time doing this, we will discover more of the truth about Father God’s goodness. It will enable us to forgive those who have wronged us and not blamr God for things that have gone wrong in our lives. It will enable us to appreciate Him better and we will be open to His goodness flooding our lives. Father God is a good God and He is good all the time.

God bless us all.Mina.

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