The Love Power Bank. Stay Charged Up!

Since the advent of the mobile phone, the use of power banks has become common. A powerbank is the portable device used to charge mobile phones and tablet computers when you are on the move. It can also be referred to as a portable device that can supply power from its built-in battery through a USB port. In other words, they use circuitry to control any power in and power out.

This has been a rather challenging year for all of us. Apart from major changes and distortions in how we live, due to the pandemic, we have had great economic set back on every level. Major world economies have practically come crashing around us. Certain business sectors have all but collapsed. One of the greatest debilitating emotions that has been thrown at the world at this time, has been widespread fear. This fear has been so crippling that many have gone under. In other words, the impact of fear has been worse than whatever scenario they were afraid of.

1 John 4 v 18-19. reads ” There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. We love Him, because He first loved us.”

This implies that there’s power available in God’s love. John 3 v 16 tells us that God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him, should not die, but have everlasting life. We learn here that God is the Source of love. This leads us to understand that this love from the Source, our God, is not only very powerful, but it’s also perfect. This helps us understand why the perfect nature of the powerful love of God, is able to cast fear out completely. So torment, danger, everything associated with fear is cast out. We have confirmation from God that He didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1 v 7).

We thus need to learn to intentionally release God’s love in our lives as we remain completely plugged in to God’s love power bank. As we see the transformational impact of God’s powerful love in our lives, then our ability to influence the lives of others increase.

The battery charge for our appliances only last so long. You then need to plug back into the powerbank. It’s the same with our love, especially when we are under attack and feel very unsettled. When fear comes, one of the first thing that goes is the revelation that we are mightily loved by the King of kings.
Being plugged into the love power bank causes us to align with or be engaged directly with the heart of God. This is really what stands Christianity apart from every other religion. Father desires the restoration of the relationship He had with Adam (mankind) in the garden of Eden. He thus gave us His Begotten Son to die in our place on the Cross (1 Peter 2v24) so we would not have to die for our sins. God desires to puts His powerful love in the centre of our hearts making it possible to drive out tormenting emotions like fear.

With the fear and panic caused by the pandemic or any other attacks, sent our way by the enemy, our ability to spend time in the Presence of God plugged into the love bank, will keep us charged. Plugged in, we can worship, or stay in the Word, or listen to the voice of our God, or rest in His Presence. Our ability to stay plugged in will eradicate fear leaving us hope filled and secure in His love. These wide open arms of love give us a sense of safety, and assurance at a time when everyone else seems traumatised. This is what will attract the world to us, to ask how we can remain so calm.
We can then show them how to offload their pain, fear, depression etc. unto our God, thus keeping them plugged into the love power bank.

You don’t normally buy a power bank just before you need it. You buy it sometimes as part of the accessories for the mobile. It’s similar with us. You learn early to stay plugged into God’s powerful love, so that when challenges come, you are not thrown around and put in a panic. In these situations, you are able to provide the stabilising effect because you are in the habit of constantly being charged up by your power bank.

1 Peter 4 v 8a further proves how powerful God’s love is. It is able to cover a multitude of sins. As we soak in the forgiving grace Jesus made available, then we can easily extend God’s love to others, even those who hurt us. We find that in these challenging times, it’s so easy to get angry and offended at each other. We see lots of agitation in the world over injustices and many have lost their lives. Staying plugged into the powerful love of God Almighty is the way to stay charged up, so that things going on around you do not overwhelm you. Rather, you are part of the solution because you carry the powerful love of God.
Praying that our loving Father will hold us close and help us remain plugged into our powerful love bank especially in these challenging times.

God bless us all.
Mina Bajomo
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