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Bethel Basic Sozo Conference - Lagos, Nigeria.


Reconciling hearts to God the Father, repairing faulty foundations, fostering unity across the Body of Jesus Christ and impacting nations.


Reconciling hearts to God the Father and restoring lives through God’s Love. Repairing faulty foundations of many generations by teaching foundational values. Fostering unity across the body of Jesus Christ, by celebrating all that binds us and breaking down walls of separation. Impacting the spiritual state of Nations.

Respond to God’s Love
Responding to God's extravagant Love by loving God with all my heart, soul, strength and mind.
Sharing Jesus
Extending Kingdom rule on earth, and expressing the truth and life of Jesus as modelled by Him in power
Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Empowered by the Holy Spirit to repair faulty foundations. Jesus is the Cornerstone.
Preparing the Bride
Strengthening relationships and encouraging friendships by networking leaders in the church, ministry and market place to celebrate all that binds us together

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Written Testimonies from Kingdom Revival Conference Lagos 2017

Multiple healing

I am healed of Sinuse infection (over 10 years) on my knees and lower back (since teenage years). I got prayed for and the pain in my knees stopped, pressure on my nose stopped, headache gone. I can bend well and touch my knees without pain in my lower back.

– Mrs Sheyi O.

Healing of pains, heaviness in lower waist and shoulder blade

I have had this health condition for over 5years. I was prayed for and got relieved of pains, especially the shoulder blade.

– Sodienye G.

Healed of strange movement in my head and sharp pain

I have had this condition for two years. I got prayed for; the pain relieved and the movement stop.

– Odia E.

Healed of sharp pain on my right ankle

A word of knowledge came specifically and I believed the Lord Jesus had me in mind. While prayer was on, I continued to check for the pain but it had gone.

– Oluwatosin A.

Written Testimonies from Kingdom Foundations Abuja 2017

Healed of a broken shoulder, mother healed of a painful knee

Healed of a broken shoulder, mother healed of a painful knee I have had a broken shoulder and a painful nerve for a year. The pain in my shoulder was severe. The pain has disappeared.

My mother hadn’t walked without aid for about a year and was due for a revision of a knee surgery. The first surgery was done 17 years ago. One of the team members prayed on her x-ray report which I had with me. I later went home and prayed for my mum. In faith, she dropped her walker and began to walk around for 20 minutes unaided.

Her faith revived and strength returned.


Priscilla Iheanacho, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Healed of Knee/Leg Pain

For over a year, I had pain in my knee. Whenever I stood for long, I would begin to feel the pain. In the course of prayers, the knee pain ceased and the pain was transferred to my feet. The spirit of affliction was bound and now JESUS has freed me.

Shopade Tolulope Adejumoke, Law School, Bwari, Abuja.

Healed of painful urination

I had a problem with my urinating organ and was waiting for a surgery. I have had a tube placed in my bladder for 4 months and there was usually serious pain whenever I urinated. Now, there is no more pain, not at all. What is left is for me to urinate directly without the tube.

Agam Jeffery, Bukuru, Jos.

Delivered from Depression

I was always unhappy with myself, my life and every other person around me. I was also angry at God. I hated going to church. This had gone on for 4 years. In the course of the conference, I felt a burden lifted from my heart. Now all I feel inside my heart is peace, joy and compassion. And I thank God for not leaving my side even when I was angry at Him.

Barbara Aguolu

Healed of Acute Spondylitis

 For about 6 months, I have had severe pain in my left and right shoulders due to acute spondylitis. My 5th, 6th and 7th vertebrae were affected. I could not roll my neck without pain. I was just shy of surgery (which should have been done earlier). After the prayer for healing, I was healed. I can now roll my neck left, right and round. The pain is mostly gone.

Zubairu Jide Atta