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Thank You for attending the 2018 Kingdom Empowerment Conference

Dear Beloved,

Wow !!! What a celebration we had with Father God at the 2018 Kingdom Empowerment Conference held both in Abuja and Lagos. Heaven poured forth healing, love and joy as the Body of Christ came together in one accord.

How blessed we were by the mighty Speakers that God sent to our nation. We thank God.

Please send testimonies of what the Lord did in your life. We want to give God all glory due Him.

We are working towards putting some of the teachings on our website – www.lapislazuliministries.org by next week so please keep checking. Please share these teaching with others who could not attend. Photographs of the event will also be on our website.

Plans are being made to make teachings available via e-copy, we will get in touch with you when they are ready.

The CDs, DVDs and the book – Co-Labouring with the Lord by Dr. Mina Bajomo will be sold at the Lapis office; 3rd Floor, Maku House, 109 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

We want to hear your testimonies/feedback so we know what God was doing over the conference. Please fill this quick survey . Your sending this to us gives us permission to use it. If you are opposed to us using this information, please let us know.

Remain Blessed,

Femi and Mina Bajomo


Reconciling hearts to God the Father, teaching foundational values, fostering unity across the Body of Christ and impacting nations.


  • Reconciling hearts to God the Father and restoring lives.
  • Raising up the foundations of many generations by teaching foundational values.
  • Fostering unity across the body of Christ,  by celebrating all that unites us.
  • Impacting  nations, by transforming the spiritual state.    
Respond to God’s Love
Responding to God's extravagant Love by loving God with all my heart, soul, strength and mind.
Sharing Jesus
Extending Kingdom rule on earth, and expressing the truth and life of Jesus as modelled by Him in power
Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Empowered by the Holy Spirit to repair faulty foundations. Jesus is the Cornerstone.
Preparing the Bride
Strengthening relationships and encouraging friendships by networking leaders in the church, ministry and market place to celebrate all that binds us together

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God’s blessings

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Written Testimonies

Kingdom Revival Conference Lagos 2017


I have had the pain in my right shoulder for years, but after being
prayed for the pain is gone. I can't find the pain anymore. 

… Anonymous

October 18, 2017

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Kingdom Foundation Abuja 2017


I have had a broken shoulder and a painful nerve for a year. The pain in
my shoulder was severe. The pain has disappeared. 

My mother hadn't walked without aid for about a year and was due for a
revision of a knee surgery. The first surgery was done 17 years ago. One
of the team members prayed on her x-ray report which I had with me. I
later went home and prayed for my mum. In faith, she dropped her walker
and began to walk around for 20 minutes unaided. Her faith revived and
strength returned. PRAISE GOD!!! 

Priscilla , Wuse 2, Abuja.

October 18, 2017

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Send us any information you may want to share about the past conferences.

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