Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;
let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.

Let us come before him with thanksgiving
and extol him with music and song.

For the Lord is the great God,
the great King above all gods.

Psalm 95:1-3

Matthew 18:19-20

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.“

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Reconciling hearts to God the Father and restoring lives through God’s Love.
Repairing faulty foundations of many generations by teaching foundational values.
Fostering unity across the body of Jesus Christ, by celebrating all that binds us and breaking down walls of separation.
Impacting the spiritual state of Nations.


Reconciling hearts to God the Father,
repairing faulty foundations,
fostering unity across the Body of Jesus Christ
and impacting nations.

Respond to God’s Love
Responding to God's extravagant Love by loving God with all my heart, soul, strength and mind.
Sharing Jesus
Extending kingdom rule on earth, express the truth and life of Jesus as modeled by him in Power.
Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Empowered by the Holy Spirit to repair faulty foundations. Jesus is the Cornerstone.
Preparing the Bride
Strengthening Relationships and encouraging friendship by networking leaders in the church. ministry and market place to celebrate all that binds us together


Though treated for a shifting of his vertebral Colum, AkumaNmecha still suffered from stiffness for 4 years. He felt a release of his back and can now touch his toes which he couldn’t do before.


Healed of Short Sightedness. For over 20 years, Levi Olukayode Afolayan couldn’t see small letter characters without squinting his eyes but now he can see clearer.

Levi Olukayode Afolayan

Rheumatic Arthritis. Uzoka Uzoamaka had Rheumatic Arthritis in her legs and suffered excruciating pains for more than a decade but now she can feel the pains no more.


Kidney, Liver and Shoulder healed. Bryant OlufolarinOluwole got prayed for and received his healing from high creatinine level in his kidney. Shoulder pain has also gone and he suffered all these for about a year. He is going for a blood test to know his kidney and liver readings to confirm what the Lord has done.

Bryant Olufolarin Oluwole

Astigmatism and Short Sightedness. For 5 years, EjineNzeribe could not read without his reading glasses but says miraculously, he can now see words clearly.

Ejine Nzeribe

Eating Disorder.SolankeOlubusola’s cousin, Yomi suffered severe eating disorder resulting in heaviness for at least a year. Now she is experiencing a lot of lightness in her back stomach area and has lost considerable weight.

Solanke Olubusola

Kidney Failure healed over the phone. MbonuOkafo’s brother is about to start dialysis after being diagnosed over 6 months ago. By the time the second prayer was being made over the phone, the pains he usually experienced around the kidney area had disappeared.

Mbonu Okafo

Impartation and Empowerment for his Ministerial Assignment. Atinshola Joseph Gbenro felt the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit through yawning and shedding of tears which gave him total peace and unprecedented joyfulness. Now he is confident that he has been highly imparted for kingdom work.

Atinshola Joseph Gbenro

Stress and Tensed body disappears. AtinsolaOlabisi occasionally suffers from stress and came in the morning stressed up. At 4.15pm after Randy Clark’s preaching, she received peace and the heaviness in her head left her and she returns the glory to God.

Atinsola Olabisi

Severe inability to stand upright healed via phone call. For over 10 years, Pastor Mrs Kemi T Afolayan’s mother couldn’t stand upright but after the prayers said via phone she could now do what she couldn’t do before.

Pastor Mrs Kemi T Afolayan’s mother

Complicated Ganglions healed. TaiwoDurotoye gave this testimony on behalf of her sister, Olufunmilayo who suffered a big growth of over 3cm for almost a year. After she was prayed for she felt short waves of electricity and the pain left her and she has mobility of her wrist again.

Taiwo Durotoye

Twelve years Multiple Fibroid healed. Grace Bosede suffered neck and abdominal pains since she was diagnosed which could be severe at certain times of the month. After prayers she found peace that the fibroid is gone and that she will give birth to the baby girl she is trusting God for.

Grace Bosede

Twenty years spondylitis healed.Regina Ezenwa attests toup to 90% healing of her condition. Now she can turn her head from side to side and up and down with minimal pain. Before the prayers, she used to experience constant pains which were sometimes quite severe.

Healing of the left ankle. AkanoAdedokunAdekunle suffered from severe green stick fracture on his left ankle. Now he can bend or fold his ankle and gives praises to God.


Back pain disappeared.ChikeSibeudu suffered from a medical condition that causeshim severe back pain and the pain disappeared after he was prayed for.


Ulcer/Abdominal pain healed after prayer made over the phone. Levi OlukayodeAfolayan gave this testimony on behalf of his friend’s daughter (Major John O) who Randy Clark prayed for over the phone and was healed. She had lived with it for upward of 6 years so severe that it kept her from school.

Levi OlukayodeAfolayan

Dry and itchy skin healed. Mrs JolomiOwojaiye has suffered this condition of which she was diagnosed by a Doctor over 2 years ago. She is testifying that the Lord has taken away her infirmity.

Mrs JolomiOwojaiye

Pain in the knee healed. For over 14 years NnekaOnyiuke suffered pain in the knee but now she can bend her knee.


Healed of Stroke. About 3 years ago, Adetunji James Ojomo suffered a stroke and since then found it difficuly to walk unaided. He received his healing after prayers and now he can walk properly unaided, dance and do a lot of things that he could not do before.

Adetunji James Ojomo

I have been healed of ankle pain, the pain gradually left.

Mrs Ada

Healing of severalyears pain on my right leg bone. Not too severe, but occasional and real. Pain no longer there. Thank GOD

Elder Angeline UyiBassey

Word of knowledge for right ring finger arthritis, swollen knuckle and always painful – level 8, it has been over 6 years. Pain went away immediately and I could bend the finger.

Imo Oyewole

I give glory and honour to GOD for my Healing and Impartation.Pain in the ear which spreads to the neck, the pain subsided after the Healing Service.

Olugbenga David Owopetu

I got 100% healing and I also felt the move of the Holy Spirit in the environment.I had the right kneel discomfort (December 2013, it was severe) and I mentioned it to my neighbour, right there a word of knowledge came.


I received my healing of about a year body pain.


Pains of over 2 years on the kneel is gone today. It became so painful, especially when I am working and difficult to kneel down. Doctor said I need surgery. Healed!


Pains at the back of my head, it came with all sorts of issues from a diagnosis of Sarcoidosis. Quite severe pain most of the time (over 3 years).Suddenly could not feel the pain. It had gone. I could not find it!

Tumini Green

I have total healing from arthritis, no more pain. I have been experiencing pains on my kneels and fingers for 2 years.


I have been healed of pains in my right ribs. I keep stretching, felt electric on my whole body, yarning continuously, shedding tears and pain gone!

AladesuruAdewale Walter

Sharp pain in my left shoulder for few weeks. After prayer, I couldn’t feel the pain after exercising the shoulder.


I had infection in my kidneys (kidney stone) since 2015; it was very bad, causing pain on my left side, from my tommy to my arms and shoulders. After prayer, I believe every remnant of the condition was completely erased, I believe my kidneys are as good as new.

Helen-Nellie Adigwe

My daughter who married last year told me she had fibroid, when I saw people’s testimonies on the screen and the man of God prayed; I felt her healing and I myself I am healed of pains in my left ribs. I give God the glory.


On Friday evening during the WORD OF KNOWLEDGE’ Randy Clark’s assistance prayed for me and I was healed of left knee problem. During the WORD OF KNOWLEDGE a lady among the team said that she heard of someone who have problem climbing stair case I received it because last year November I hit my knee as I was about entering tricycle and the pain has been so severe but now I can climb the stairs as much as I want without any pain.

That same Friday while Blaine Cook was ministering I heard to buy him shirt, it wasn’t up to 5 minutes that my Aunt seating next to me gave me N10,000 and I used the money to buy shirt for three of them, I want to thank God because ever since then people have been showing me love.