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  1. I had problems with my daughter for years. She has caused me immense pain and I have held her in unforgiveness. After the teaching on forgiveness by the Bajomos, I prayed and I felt the peace of the Lord. I trust God for reconciliation with my daughter. Victoria D. 
  2. I got healed of toothache, left ear and hip pains after I visited the zoom healing room. Victoria E. 
  3. Pain and difficulty in moving the left hand for some weeks. After prayers, I can move and raise my left hand. Hannatu J. 
  4. I had 1month history of left knee pain. I heard the word of knowledge about knee pains, prayed and got healed. Faith N. 
  5. Had pain and watery discharge from the ear. Lapis Lazuli ministers in Adamawa prayed for me, I felt cold sensations in the ear, thereafter the pain and discharge stopped. Peace G. 
  6. I had 1year history of lower abdominal pain. Pain was moderate in severity. During the prayers, I felt a sensation of heat round my body. I felt significant reduction in the pain. Tina J. 
  7. I connected with the words of knowledge about shoulder and back pain. I got my healing as the minister prayed. Mary Z. 
  8. Discomfort in my digestive system for 3 days. The discomfort was so severe that it affected my sleep at night. As I heard the word of knowledge, I began to pray and felt a sensation in my chest. I started to belch and thereafter the pain resolved. Christopher E. 
  9. Had complications from fibroid and appendix surgeries which prevented me from bending properly. Following prayers during the ministration yesterday evening, I received my healing and I can now do what I couldn’t do before. Thlan K. 
  10. During worship time with Olumide Iyun, I got healed of stomach discomfort. When I went to the Zoom prophetic room the minister shared everything with precise accuracy concerning my journey with encouragement. Thank you for your ministry of love. Odesser M. 
  11. I had pains and difficulty in walking for about a week. As I was prayed for at the zoom prayer, I felt electric current from my waist down to my legs and I got my healing. Thank you Jesus! Anonymous 
  12. Had severe headaches for two days. Healed during ministration on Day 4. I also had impartation and spiritual upliftment. Anonymous 
  13. Had 2 weeks history of knee pains. Pains resolved after I was prayed for at the zoom Healing room. Tosin O. 
  14. I have arthritis in one knees and as a result and I normally do hear a clicking sound as I walk. I joined the Healing Room for prayers and now, I am able to move my knees without any pain or noise. Praise God! Chinyere 
  15. I joined Zoom healing prayers regarding body pains, severe headache and my mental state. I felt goose pimples on my skin during prayers at the break out room. More so, the specific word of knowledge about me – which was unknown to anyone except God – made me feel special and loved by God. I am totally healed as headache and body pains are gone. Halleluyah!! Daniel 
  16. I joined the Zoom Healing Room because of stomach ache and headache. After praying, both symptoms are gone. Demola 
  17. I join the general prayer room asking for prayers because I had nerve pain in my right leg that was up to an 8 (pain level), after the prayers it went down to a 2. Efena S. 
  18. I had an inflamed gum with excruciating pain, I extracted a tooth a couple of months ago and it never healed. I could not visit the dentist because of the lockdown. I haven’t been able to chew as such eating has been a challenge. I visited the prayer room and the pain level went down from an 8 to a 4. I feel relieved and so much better. Esohe O. 
  19. I had fear and hateful thoughts towards the person I’m dating even though the person hasn’t done anything. I was prayed for at the zoom healing room, I felt a release and peace of the Lord flooding my mind. Thank you Jesus! Blessing 
  20. I want to thank God for his healing upon my life. For some weeks now I have been having rashes with severe itching all over my body, headache and fever. I have taken so many drugs but none worked. When I visited the healing room yesterday and I complained to the man of God, he prayed for me and after five minutes I received my healing. The rashes, severe itching, headache, fever and body pain disappeared. Everything gone. Now I am perfectly fine. Nwamaka E.