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REPORT ON THE 2020 ONLINE KINGDOM EXPANSION CONFERENCE (Conference held from Wednesday, 3rd to Saturday, 6th of June, 2020)


The Kingdom Expansion Conference was held both online and with viewing centres. This was the first time since the inception of the conference in 2014.  It had always been a physical conference where people gather at different venues across different cities to worship, listen to teachings and be ministered to in the Spirit. The conference was held from Wednesday, 3rd to Friday, 6th of June. Participants joined from over 40 nations via the ministry’s website, conference link, YouTube, Face book and audio channel. The conference was tagged “Kingdom Expansion Conference”. Over 3, 700 preregistered for the conference by sending text messages to the dedicated lines for the conference (07034371401/09063901916) and using the conference registration link.

Lagos Command Centre: The Lapis Lazuli Ministries office at No, 10 Norman Williams Street off Keffi, Ikoyi, Lagos was used as the command centre. The event was broadcasted from here and testimonies happening in the different viewing hubs were sent back here to be announced in real time. Lapis team members assisted at the command centre. We also had team members assisting with manning our main viewing centres in Abuja, Kaduna, Jos, Bonny and Port Harcourt.

Guest Speakers: The Guest Speakers ministered in power. There was such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and there were so many testimonies and healings.  The Guest speakers were: Dr. Randy Clark, Dr. Tom Jones, Evangelist Matthew Owojaiye, Dr. Leif Hetland, David Wagner, Alun Leppitt, Donna Leppit, Rev. Andy Keighley, Charity Cook, Tomi Arayomi, Apostle Tobi Arayomi, Claudio Killas, Femi Bajomo and Mina Bajomo.

Gospel Artists: We were blessed with amazing Worshippers. Participants were led into the Throne Room by: Nathaniel Bassey, Olumide Iyun, Chintok Ishaku, Love Unleashed, Nosa Omoregie, Alun Leppit, Hanif Williams, Samara Musumeci, Tundun Bajomo and Bisi Bajomo.

Prayer Ministers: The following ministers prayed for different sessions: Pst. Wale Adefarasin, Rev. (Dr) Israel Kristlere, Bishop Sola Ore, Venerable Ifedola Okupevi, Rt. Rev. Ralph Ebirien, Rev, Isaac Komolafe, Pst. Linda Tokuta, Mrs. Sola Momoh, Rev. Tunde Bolanta, Udy Ntia, Pst. (Rev) Philip Abimiku, Rev. Steve Dangana,  Rev. Kristin Breuss, Venerable Ebenezer Green, Mrs. Aima Lijadu, Pst. Ayo Adesola, Pst. Tolu Ojo, Pst. Dotun Ojelabi and Pst. Emmanuel Dania.

State Coordinators: The following served diligently as State Coordinators taking care of all that was happening in their different cities: Pst. John Yusuf – Abuja; Pst. Toba Owojaiye – Kaduna; Mr. Ezekiel Uwana – Jos

Prayer Cover for the Conference: The night prayer relay was held from Monday, 13th of April to Wednesday, 17th of June, 2020. Planning team members and Volunteers from Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Jos and the United Kingdom all participated in the prayer relay. The relay was for 7 hours every night. Each person prayed for an hour and handed over to the next person on the night relay.

 The daily prayer cover for the conference went well, Lagos covered the conference with prayer on Day 1, Day 2 Abuja did, Day 3 Kaduna did and Day 4 Jos did.  The prayer teams in the different cities organized prayer relay throughout the day for the duration of the conference. Everything about the conference was birth in the place of prayer. Mrs. Jane Omuku prayed as a representative of the Board. Pastor Linda Tokuta, faithful intercessors and others prayed as well.

7 Days of Praise & Worship: This was a time set aside to worship God before the conference. Planning teams from Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna and Jos joined in worshipping God over a period of 7 days. It’s been our norm over the past years to always set aside days to worship and praise God before the conference commenced. This time it was being held online (zoom). It started on Tuesday 26th May and ended on Monday 1st June. We had each city; Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna & Jos lead the worship respectively. Also, Dr. Tosin Akinpeloye and Ms Barbara Timothy also led worship. On the last day, Mr. & Dr. Bajomo led the worship.

Book Discount: Co-labouring with the Lord by Dr. Mina Bajomo was sold at a discounted rate of N3,000. The discount will last till the end of June.

Zoom Healing Trainings, Prayer Trainings and Prophetic: Online trainings were held for Volunteers who were interested in serving in the zoom prayer and healing break out session. This was led by Dr. Bajomo and a team of Facilitators which included Mr. Bajomo, Dr. Gubby Ayida, Mr. Sam Cookey and Pst(Mrs) Olamide Balogun. The Zoom Healing & Prophetic Rooms was manned by  Dr. (Mrs) Gubby Ayida and Coordinated by Ms. Sola Adeola.

Attendance of those who joined the prayer, healing and prophetic breakout session was not captured on the first day. Based on 3 day’s attendance, 110 people attended the prayer room, 166 people attended the healing room and 225 people attended the prophetic room. These numbers are understated because of those at the viewing centres logged in with the same device. To honour the Volunteers, a third prophetic room was opened for them on Saturday (6th of June) for a short time. There was collaboration with people from outside Nigeria. We had the team from Kenya, Cameroon, the US, the UK, join us and there was such bonding. There was also a developmental aspect for the team. The team really grew with their responsibilities. They were amazed that God could use them as a medium through which He did healing. The testimonies were powerful. People from all parts of the country; different parts of Africa and overseas joined the sessions and received a touch from Father God.

Planning Teams/Volunteers: The planning team members across the four cities – Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna and Jos were united into one team and general online meetings were held on Sundays before the conference from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. A post conference meeting was held on Sunday, 7th of June from 4:00pm to 6:00pm to thank volunteers who helped with the conference. Also, the team gave feedback on what went well and suggestions on areas of improvement. The creation of sub team WhatsApp groups eased the communication process. Previous teams were collapsed into the following teams: Prayer, Healing Ministry, Administrative, Registration, conference content creation, Food, Social media, organizing viewing centres, manning viewing centres, Testimonies, Youth, Worship, Virtual Concept, Technical, Finance/Donations, Assessing Government Regulations for gathering and publicity.

Administrative: Each city was represented on the team to help with secretariat duties in each state.

Registration: Registrations were received via text messages and also the registration portal was opened on Lapis website for those who could register themselves online using the registration link. Boma Membere created a new registration portal on the Lapis website and worked on it with Femi and Mina Bajomo. This was the first time we were doing the conference without an Event Planner.

Conference Content Creation: Boma Membere designed the e-brochure.

Social Media: Social media was wonderful; a lot of postings were done. The 10-day countdown really worked out in driving traffic to the conference. The DPs (Display Pictures) also worked out and they were engaging. All these helped to increase registration.

Church Gathering: Members of church gathering team across the cities contacted friendly Pastors and reached out to churches who could give out their spaces as viewing centres. We had representative of each city on the team.

Organizing and manning viewing centres: Team responsible for viewing centers was divided into two; team to source for viewing centres and team to man viewing centre.

  1. Team to source for viewing centres: The team was responsible for approaching pastors and individuals to request to use their homes and churches as viewing centres. The team had to follow Government guidelines and use only venues that were made available by their Pastors. Some venues could sit 20, 50 or more. The covid restriction outside Abuja was lifted so churches could be used there.
  2. Team that manned viewing centres: This team was responsible for taking care of the viewing centres during the conference and catering for the needs of the participants. They ensured the smooth streaming of the conference in the centres, got attendees testimonies and feedback and ensured adherence to Government Covid guidelines. This included the use of mask and sanitizer.

Testimonies & Feedback: The role of the team was to gather testimonies from the different social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, where the conference was streamed and from the different viewing centres across the country by calling the Coordinators in these viewing centres to request for testimonies from their centres.

We had a total of 98 testimonies (78 written and 20 video).

Youth Team: The team was involved in publicizing the conference to youths in the different cities. Bulk SMS was sent to youths that attended our previous conferences and calls were made as well.

Assessing Government Regulations for gathering: The team was created in preparation towards the conference for the purpose of guiding and advising the planning committee on government regulation on gathering due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic. A WhatsApp group was created for the team with 9 members from across the four cities of Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja and Jos. The members of the team from each state were responsible for providing adequate information and advice on government regulations in their states.

Publicity: The team was responsible for creating awareness about the conference and how people could register for the conference. Mr. Elijah Aihie’s contact helped with designing the flyer, we are grateful to him for this. For the publicity team a whatapp group was created for the members of the team, with 10 members from across the 4 cities of Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja and Jos. Various forms were adopted for the publicity of the conference, which include:

  • Printing of fliers: These were shared in the different cities.
  • E-flier: This was used as DPs (Display Pictures), sent to Pastors on our database. Also, we asked our contacts to share with their contacts.
  • Awareness letter: This was sent to Pastors, Youths and churches on our data base in PDF format.
  • Bulk SMS: This was sent to all the contact on our database from previous conferences.
  • Bulk whatapp messages: This was sent across on our WhatsApp platform to contacts on our data base.
  • Lapis Lazuli website: Information about the conference was shared on the Lapis Lazuli website.
  • Social medial platforms: (e.g whatapp, Instagram, Twitter).
  • Radio jingle: This was aired on some radio stations in the 4 cities. (e.g Jay F.M, Peace F.M).
  • Advertisement T.V: This was aired on some T.V platforms like Channels T.V, NTA, and PRTV.