There is an underlining sense of disappointment and frustration in some hearts. It's a bit like a simmering disquiet that our minds have tried to bury, but there's pain in hearts and tension headaches that have, unfortunately, becoming common place amongst many.

There is an underlining sense of disappointment and frustration in some hearts. It’s a bit like a simmering disquiet that our minds have tried to bury, but there’s pain in hearts and tension headaches that have, unfortunately, becoming common place amongst many.
As the year is fast running to an end, people seem to be running even faster to achieve goals they set themselves this year. However, the times have been very challenging for many, and the economic horizon has been turbulent. Lots of doors that were to be opened, have remained shut! I got this from Papa’s heart as I sought from Him, what I was to write about.There are some who are feeling frustrated and angry with themselves, while some have started and stopped so many businesses because none have been successful so far. Some are planning to pay for the fourth course because no job was obtained with the last three, while some dreams received at the beginning of the year seem to have fizzled away. Delayed promises or deep disappointments can hold us back or even try to make us walk in the wrong direction as we struggle to understand why we have not seen those things come to pass that we believed would happen.


The Way Maker

The Way Maker is calling us all to Himself. He is calling us to His Heart of love. We were made for His love to fill us completely. It’s not about how well we strive and struggle (although James tells us that our attitude and perseverance through trials is clearly important) – it’s about how well we love Him and others. It’s about our ability to receive His love, and letting that love flow through us into His world. 

It would be interesting to ask ourselves, why He is the Way Maker? None of us knows the end from the beginning, but Jesus does. 

Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. This means that He not only takes us, but we get to our destination as we follow Him because He is the Way. He says seek Him first, and all other things will be added unto us (Matthew 6 v 33). This means prioritise Him, acknowledge Him, and put our hands in His so that He can take us onto the Way. As we do this, we will know His protection through any valley of difficulty or challenge as He helps us to keep moving forward or re-directs our path.
The Miracle Worker
Jesus went about performing miracles. He is a Miracle Worker. This is His nature. The gospel tells of the numerous and amazing miracles, like Jesus walking on water ( Matthew 14 v 22-30), Jesus stilling the storm (Mark 4 v 36-41), Jesus healing the centurion’s son ( Luke 7 v 2-10) and Jesus turning water into wine ( John 2 v 2-11) to mention a few. Jesus said that we would perform greater works than He had done, because He was going to His Father. He is looking out for those who will believe Him for great exploits.
The Promise Keeper

Jesus is the Promise Keeper. This means He keeps covenants .The Bible is filled with promises that Jesus made to us. He promised that when He goes to His Father, He would ask His Father to send the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit would empower us to accomplish all that Jesus desired. The Holy Spirit is the All-wise and great Counsellor. 

The singer, Sinach Joseph puts it beautifully in her song “Way Maker.” He is a Miracle worker, and a Promise keeper. She says that He is never late but always on time.

Sinach Joseph: “Way Maker”

We need to crave His Presence. We need to get lost in worshipping Him. He really is the light in the darkness so we can trust the way in which He leads us. He has been there before, and says it’s not by power or might, but by His Spirit. So as the year draws to an end, let’s appreciate Him, not for what He has or has not done, but for who He is…..the Way Maker….the Miracle Worker….the Promise Keeper. 

It is only as we get to know Him that we can make Him known to others. It’s only as we learn to trust Him that we will surrender completely to His Lordship over every aspect of our lives. In this way, our eyes will be lifted to Him, and we will realise that every issue or challenge bows at the Name of Jesus.

Let us pray this together…

Holy Spirit, please could you show me areas in my life through which the enemy has had access to me and is stopping the access to Your promises.

I repent Father God for ways in which I have allowed the enemy free reign in my life by partnering with Him . I ask for your forgiveness .
I choose to forgive those who have spoken negative words over me or caused me harm through their actions and broken promises. I let them off the debt they owe me –  Father, please forgive them.

Satan, I rebuke you for your lies and influence. I throw you off areas of my life you have gotten access to. I cancel all your schemes concerning me.

I ask you Jesus, to restore to me, all the enemy has stolen. Holy Spirit I ask you to teach me to involve you in every decision I make, in Jesus Name.


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