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Kingdom Empowerment Conference, Abuja & Lagos – 2018


  1. I am physically handicapped on my left leg since I was three. After the prayers, God worked on my life and the inner wounds were healed yesterday morning. I give thanks to God. Bishop (Dr). Morris.
  2. I got prayed for peace of mind and calm spirit. After the prayers I was calm. Onakoya.
  1. I had long sightedness. I couldn’t see very well especially from a far distant. I’ve had this eye problem for 20 years. During the prayers, I felt heat all over my body. Now I can see even from far distant. Teddy.
  2. I have been having stomach pain for one year. After the prayers, everything changed completely, the stomach pain disappeared and I am not the same anymore. Thank you Jesus. David.
  3. I had chest pain for the past three years but after the prayers God healed me and I’m now free. Timjul.
  4. The spirit of disunity in my home over 15 years was so severe that I was about divorcing. After the prayers, God has started settling issues in my home and has also cancelled the spirit of divorce in me. Anonymous.
  5. I have been having severe back pain for 14 years. After the prayers, the pain dropped but I still feel some pains. Ojomasule.
  6. I went out for prayers for total healing. After the prayers, I have faith that I am totally healed. Okoro.
  7. I had a breakthrough after the prayers because all my sickness disappeared and the impossibility has become possible in my life. My situation has totally changed. Anonymous.
  1. I have been feeling light pain for 3 months. After the prayers I got healed and felt the new power of God in me. Agboola.
  2. I had severe head ache, back pain and heavy burdens in my heart for some months now. After the prayers, the headache vanished, the back pain reduced and I got relieved from the burdens I had. Mblawu.
  3. I was diagnosed of Hernia of the Scrotum and It was very painful for one year seven months. After the prayers, the pains disappeared. John.
  4. I was diagnosed of typhoid 180. It was really bad and I have been suffering from it for one month. After the prayers, I felt relieved and I have this deep feeling of not seeing the doctor again. James.
  5. I was diagnosed of high blood pressure and I’ve been oppressed for 3 years from this illness. After the prayers, I was healed. Saratu.
  6. Back pain of over 13 years was healed after the prayer session. Thank you Jesus. Ojomo.
  7. I could not see clearly before the prayers but after the prayers I was healed and can now see clearly. Mebbatia.
  8. I had body pains and headache and this started since yesterday. After prayers, the pain disappeared I am now alright. Chukwudi.
  9. At the back of the hall during the afternoon break, Mrs Alero Ayida-Oyobo prayed and ministered favour to me on the first day of the program. Before the conference, I have been waiting for over a year to do my clinical houseman ship but nothing seems to happen despite my several application letters I submitted all over the states in Nigeria. This hindered me from doing my National Youth Service which can only be done after I have completed my houseman ship. After the first day of the conference, I switched on my phone and discovered that during the afternoon I was being prayed for, that God had answered my prayers as I was notified through a sms to come collect my appointment letter and start my clinical houseman ship. Iveren.
  10. I have been suffering from back pains for almost a year now. During the prayer session at the conference God healed me. I am now strong and healthy. Thank you Jesus. Esther.
  11. I have been having this sharp pain on my chest and legs. The doctor diagnosed it as rheumatism (an outcome of an auto crash). It was severe and I have been admitted on several occasions at the hospital. After the ministration and prayers, I noticed the pains were gone. Thank you Jesus. Dauladi.
  12. I lost my cartilage in my knee and was using clutches. God helped me walked well after the operation; I didn’t have to use my clutches again. Adejare.
  13. I had a slipped disc. It was serious and very painful. After the prayers, I felt relieved of the pain. Oluwasola.
  14. I came to the conference with a severe knee pain on my left leg since January 2018. God’s power came down to heal me after the prayer of Dr Tom Jones on the first day. Michael.
  15. I was diagnosed of diabetes and malaria. I got my healing from this oppression after I was being prayed for and I also got anointed. Rev. Chris.
  16. I’ve been suffering from blackouts. My doctor’s report read “low blood count and low haemoglobin”. It was so bad that every month I lose consciousness and faint especially on a sunny day and this has been persistent for over 7 years. After the prayers, I felt a movement through my body and my vision cleared. I felt strong and energized. Eloho.



  1. I got a sense of peace about the situation (Clinical Depression) during the prayers. God has given me a word that Joy has come back. Edikan.
  2. I felt the presence of God during the prayer. Godwin.
  3. I feel the presence of God and the Holy Ghost was around me. I want to thank God for what He has done. I feel God present in my life. Emmanuel.
  4. During the prayers, I was filled with the Holy Spirit as a result of that I fell down. I received the joy in my heart. Hanatu. 
  5. I instantly got healed of headache and pain in my leg as the prayers went on. I thank God for His divine healing upon my life. I bless His Holy Name and I believe that the God that healed me is a great healer. Ladi.



  1. “The worship and the teaching sessions have always been excellent over the years and yes this year was not an exception”. Otitoju Olumide.
  2. “The worship and teaching sessions was so impactful, in fact everything about the conference was perfect”. Shalom Chiedozie.
  3. “The speakers and the worship minister were filled with the Holy Spirit, the program was Impactful”. Emmanuel Abraham.
  4. “The registration process was not so good aside that, the entire sessions was excellent”. Oluwasegun Paul.
  5. “The worship was inspiring and there were revelations during the teaching sessions”.
  6. “The welcome and registration process was excellent, the worship and teaching sessions was okay too”. Solomon Isah.
  7. “God’s presence was really awesome during the worship and teaching sessions and the welcome was excellent”.
  8. “The registration process was easy and well organized, the different sessions was really inspiring”. Ajewole Emmanuel Segun.
  9. “God really used the worship and teaching sessions to touch my life, my registration was done within a short period of time”. Okoronkwo Sunday.
  10. “Everything was just in order, It was really impactful”. Patrick Edeh.
  11. “The conference was really impactful, I felt encouraged, I pray for more grace upon your lives”. Yahaya Haruna.
  12. “The worship was a blessing and the teaching sessions too blessed my life, it gave me assurance “. Pastor Israel Oyefeso.
  13. “Everything about the conference was so excellent, but I would suggest the widows, orphans, needy be empowered”. Ben Labe.
  14. “Everything was all in order; I will only suggest the programme manual should contain more space for note”.
  15. “The welcome was warm and friendly, the worship and teaching session really touched my problems”. Noami Okolofo.
  16. “The welcome was excellent and the teaching sessions were okay, but we need Hausa manuals and more teachers”. Kabiru Ibrahim.
  17. The teaching sessions were excellent but I will only suggest that there be provision of food and clothes to the needy”. Obire P. Eseoghene.
  18. “Everything was ok; but I want you to improve on the speakers because the tone the white men use is a bit difficult to understand”. Joshua Bello
  19. “There was no waste of time and struggle during the registration but please I want you to make arrangement for snacks”. Chief Idakwo
  20. “The conference was really ok but please the speakers should slow down a bit for better translation in Hausa”. Comfort Mark.
  21. “Thanks for the constant flow of information; my wife and I were impacted by the Holy Spirit. The program was great”. Morris Aloysius.
  22. “The registration was orderly; also I was filled with the Holy Spirit during the worship and teaching sessions”. Mr Patrick Mbagwu.
  23. “The conference was really lively but the registration should be improved because some participant’s tags were not ready”.  
  24. “The security and attendance were very good but this conference should also expand to other states in Nigeria”. Madam Geraldine Oluka.
  25. “The glory of God was overwhelming; the only issue was that many people didn’t see their name tag and the cost of food was high”. Anyanwu.
  26. “The worship and teaching sessions was excellent because the speakers were full of the Holy Ghost, please if possible meals should be given”. John



  1. “I felt really refreshed in all the worship and teaching sessions, thank you for such a wonderful time in God’s presence”. Omobolaji
  2. “The entire package was awesome but please the venue was too cold, if that can be worked on it will be better”.
  3. The worship and teaching sessions were so wonderful though the registration team took time before I was given a tag”.
  4. “The conference was awesome though the worship sessions didn’t last for long. I would have loved if the worship lasted longer”.
  5. “The registration process was well coordinated and the Holy Spirit was awesome during the conference”. Elizabeth Ante.
  6. “I register at the venue within 5minutes, I was really surprised. The worship and teaching sessions was really an awesome moment for divine encounter. Please feeding at a convenient and affordable price should be made available, thank you”.
  7. “Impactful conference but Please during the message the key points should be projected on the screen and Pastors from rural areas should be assisted in their transportation”. Ojo
  8. “The time was properly managed and the presence of God was duly felt, there is still room for more improvement”. Apostle (Dr) Aniekan Umoh.
  9. “The entire sessions were on point; I really felt the presence of God. Thank you and God bless you for such an awesome moment”. Daini Tope.
  10. “If Yoruba Interpreters will be provided during the message, it will really be better but from that the program was great”. Akintola Michael.

ONLINE FEEDBACK (Reply to Thank You for Attending Message after Conference)

  1. The Program was one of a kind, it was enriching and refreshing. I wished it can be rewind. It was a great meeting for a wonderful honour. I was so blessed. May God give you more grace and refresh you with fresh oil for greater manifestation in these last days. I was honoured. Your program humbled me. It placed me on course and focus. I’ll attend again and again if there’s another opportunity to do so. God bless you for that wonderful vision and dream. Stay empowered in the name of Jesus.
    Pastor Amos Oyibotsa Egbi, Lead Pastor, Zion Embassy Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State Nigeria.
  1. It was a great experience, thank you for your efforts to enlarge the Kingdom of God.
    Ben-Olu Ben.
  2. All glory to God. As soon as my testimony manifests, I’ll surely send them in.. God will continue to bless you all.
    Adamson Favour.
  3. Thank you so much for the program. God Almighty will continue to bless your ministry, in Jesus name. Eze Charles Ahamefule.
  4. I give God all the glory for the privilege and opportunity, to Him be all the praise. The conference was a huge success; I saw unity among the body of Christ. I personally experienced revival. Etagbo Fidelis.
  5. Thank you also for organised the program. Jesus bless you and all your
    Resource Persons. The program was a great blessing to me. Thank you.
    Ojo Olukunmi.

Conference Speakers

Bishop Joseph L. Garlington Sr. is the Senior Pastor of Covenant Church of Pittsburgh and is widely acclaimed for both his teaching and music ministry. Bishop Joseph’s distinctive insights and humor have made him a favorite conference speaker around the world.

Bishop Garlington is an accomplished musician, recording artist, author and scholar, whose work touches thousands through radio and TV, through his weekly television broadcast, Something Fresh, through national and international conferences, through albums, books and articles. He is internationally recognized in the religious community for his work and ministry in many churches in South Africa since 1979.

His preaching and teaching ministry, known for its humor and deep insight, has made him a popular speaker at many national conferences such as Promise Keepers, the international men’s movement, where he has regularly addressed tens of thousands of men. Bishop Garlington regularly consults for pastors, churches and organizations that are eager to develop similar models of racial reconciliation and healing.

He is married to Barbara Williams Garlington, and together they share responsibility for seven children, thirteen grandchildren, one great-granddaughter and one great-grandson…[ Read More]

Dr. Leif Hetland is founder and president of Global Mission Awareness. He ministers globally bringing an impartation of God’s love, healing, and apostolic authority through a paradigm of kingdom family. A forerunner in modern-day missions, Leif has brought the gospel into some of the most spiritually dark areas of the world. Over one million souls have been saved through his ministry. He has written numerous books, including Called to Reign, Giant Slayers, Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes and his best-seller Healing the Orphan Spirit. Leif and his wife Jennifer reside just outside Atlanta, GA where they continue to touch countless lives through their ministry.

Leif Hetland hails from Haugesund, Norway. In 1984, he answered the call of God to ministry. While on the road ministering in April 1988, he met Jennifer Hilderbrand at Edgewood Baptist Church in Columbus, GA. In 1989, Leif and Jennifer were married.
By 1995, Leif and Jennifer were pastoring First Baptist Church in Sandnes, Norway. Burned out and frustrated, Leif attended a small pastors meeting in the city of Haugesund where a man named Randy Clark was ministering. Randy approached Leif with a prophetic word saying, “You are like a bulldozer. God is calling you to prepare the way in unchartered territory. You are a forerunner here to prepare the preparers for the coming of the Son of Man.” He also declared that Leif was an apostle called to prepare nations that had not yet heard the Gospel. Afterwards, the Holy Spirit spoke a verse into Leif’s spirit, “Ask of me and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the world as your possession.” (Psalm 2:8) The Holy Spirit had transformed a worn out Baptist pastor into a passionate lover of God filled with the Spirit and burning with compassion for the lost…[ Read More]

Dr. Tom Jones

As a small boy, Tom Jones attended a camp meeting service, where his grandfather lifted him high to see the Glory Cloud hovering over the crowds. In that moment, a passion to press into the heart of God and pursue revival was lit.

As an adult, this passion was rekindled at John Wimber’s “Signs and Wonders” conference in the mid 1980’s and later by the Brownsville and Toronto Revivals. Tom met Randy Clark in 1999 and this was the beginning of a God-ordained friendship. He began traveling with and for Randy the following year, bringing his church members along to encounter the supernatural with them. In 2003, while traveling with Global Awakening, Tom had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed the course of his life forever.

Randy regularly ministered in Tom’s church, declaring it 1 of 4 churches in the world that received and maintained a corporate healing anointing. Tom led his local church through renewal and revival, spiritually fathering and releasing many into new ministries and nations. Then in 2005, at the climax of his pastoral ministry, Tom laid everything down in obedience to God’s call…[ Read More]

Charity Cook desires to know Jesus intimately and to see the reality of His character and Kingdom manifested on the earth. She is a graduate of Global School of Supernatural Ministry where she developed a strong prophetic gift and enjoys ministering in the prophetic. Charity is now pursuing a Masters of Divinity through Regent University. She has served as staff at Global Awakening for over nine years, traveled to over twenty-five nations, and has witnessed the transforming power of God in the lives of thousands of people.



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