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KHC LAGOS 2015 Testimonies

Severe pain on my left rib cage and left side of my lower back for 1 year. Bad enough to cause discomfort when I bent or sat down. Was taking medication. As a result of prayer I could bend down without feeling pain and I felt a release on the ribcage side.


Pain on the right knee and pain in the sinuses consistently for 2 years which is keeping me awake all night sometimes. Taking allergy medication but nothing is working. I had gotten used to it as part of my life till Dr. Randy Clark mentioned it. After the prayer the itching stopped and can now breathe better. My knee is also better.



Pain on my right knee and my right big toe for some years. Now I have no more pains and no noise on my right knee again! No more strong pain on my right shoulder either!



Mild pain on my right big toe which has been coming and going for 1 year. Yesterday I received 80% healing.



Pain in the back of my shoulder that fluctuates between level 5 to level 10 in pain. After prayer it was 80% better



Yesterday I received prayer for my hearing. Since I was young I have become profoundly deaf in both ears at certain pitches and therefore wear hearing aids. The condition worsened with age. I now don’t hear whispers. I have the hearing of a 60yr old but am in my 30s! The lady who prayed for me whispered to me with my back turned, I moved further away and asked her to say different things and whisper quietly. I heard her!



Waist pain and tummy pain which has been very severe for 1 year. I could not bend down freely but am now good. I felt a severe pain in my tummy at first and then later the pain just immediately left. I praise God!



Persistent ulcer and stomach pain in upper abdomen and a pepperish feeling or heat. Have been receiving medication for the ulcer for 10 years. After prayer last night I felt significantly better.



Before the prayer; the pain I have in my dislocated ankle was gone. I am healed!



The pain disappeared and it is miraculous to see what GOD has done for me. THANKS BE TO JEHOVAH!



My vision improved greatly to at least 80%



I have been healed totally, completely!



The pain I used to feel in my stomach just stopped and I am relieved.



I can sing loud without any pain and the inflamation has gone down.



This night my left eye was tearing up, but it stopped after the pressure and the pressure stopped.



I felt the shoulder joint become somewhat tighter and there was no pain when I made a rotational motion of the arm.



I just knew the pains had gone, after hearing Dr. Randy Clark ministering.



Got healed! Fingers now fine and straightened.



No more heaviness in my leg.



I was completely healed even as Dr. Randy Clark was about to pray.



Acute pain in the hand left.



I feel cool at my ankle and waist. Pains have left!



The pain I had on my left side for over two years has gone.



I have been healed Divinely of heart problem in Jesus name.



I have been healed of five months pain.



I had constipation which caused lower tommy pains. The pain subsided and I experienced relief and a better living condition because Randy told us all they do here lies with faith. I keyed into that, I have always been an optimist anyway my relief did not come to me as a surprise.



Since 2007 I severed the artery that’s connecting my right big toe to the foot. Miraculous hand of God healed my right foot (Big toe).

O. Funmilayo



20 years psychiatric symptoms vanished.



Iwas healed of hip dislocation I had in 1972.

Rev Dr Brown


Healed of 6 years hemorrhage, goiter lessened and fibroid lessened.



I was healed of 25 years type 2 diabetes.7


I was healed of severe knee pain. I’m able to walk better.

Dame Dorothy


My mother was healed of progressive multiple sclerosis. She was able to walk and move without assistance.



Pains as a result of right ankle dislocation since 1980 disappeared upon listening to ‘Word of Knowledge’ by Dr Randy Clark.

Pastor Vincent


I had Pain in my left knee for 5 years. After prayer, I felt a warm sensation in my back and the pain was gone. I can now bend without any pain.



I had difficulty bending for more than 3 times for 7 years. I obeyed when Dr Randy Clark asked participants to do what they could not do before and I was healed.



Back pain disappeared



Healed of 5 years arthritic left shoulder pain and stiff knee. I can now move left shoulder with very negligible pain.



Healed of 18 years severe hearing loss. I can hear better.



Healed of 3 years glaucoma which had damaged my right eye. I can now read and see with my right eye.


A nine year old girl was healed of pain on her left knee and asthma attack.



Healed of 16 years haemorrhoid


I was healed of 6 years short sightedness.



I felt better after I was prayed for. Neck pain disappeared and heaviness in my head became lighter.



20 years arthritis disappeared after listening to testimonies


Her daughter’s back pain has stopped.



I was healed of 2 years pain in his left foot.



I was healed of 3 years pain on his left feet, ankle and pain In his neck reduced to 80%



I was relieved of 7 years neck pain.


I couldn’t press her belly without feeling pains. The pains are gone.



I was healed of 8 years back pain.



I was healed of 15 years chest pain.


Healed of 10 years pain on the 5th round of the section of the hall.



I was healed of pains running from his neck to his chest.

Pastor Robinson


Healed of 2 weeks typhoid and malaria.



I was healed of 1 week back pain and a sharp pain in her tongue.



I had a pain in the left knee for a while (5years). I had warm sensation in my back and now the pain is gone and I can bend down without pain.


I had pains in my wrist earlier. I was able to rotate wrist and move wrist up and down.


I could not walk without high heels. I can now walk on bare foot without high heels.


I was healed of 2 years haemorrhoids.



The cist melts off, the pain is gone and Voke can sit perfectly without feeling pain.



I was healed of a year ulcer.



I was healed of 25 years abdominal pains.



I felt peace after been prayed for her intestine pain and abdominal pain.



I had difficulty reading tiny letters with his right eye for about 8 years. I can now read tiny letters with my right eye alone.



I can now see clearly.



I could not read from afar. I can now read from a distance.

Apostle Adeyemi


8 years cataract was healed. I have improved vision.



I was healed of 5 years pain in my upper right breast and wrist.



Healed of 9 months arthritic pain.



Healed of waist pain.



I was healed of 3 years pain in her head.



The pain in my knee and foot is gone.



I had arthritis for 5 years. I came in with a walking stick but after prayer I started walking without the walking stick.



I had difficulty in walking. I can now work straight, faster and without pain.



I was healed of 7 years waist pain and eye pain.



Her mother in Port Harcourt felt relieved of waist pain after prayer.



Healed of back pain.



2 weeks abdominal pain disappeared.



My mother was healed of 3 years arthritis.


I was healed of 7 days fever and 30 years waist pain.

3 weeks stomach pain, back pain and shoulder pain disappeared.



Pain has reduced.



The pain in my hip left as I listened to the teaching.



I could not breathe well since 2005. I can now breathe well.



I was healed of 4 years short sightedness. My sight is better. I can now see and read from a distance.


I had joint, muscle pains and discomfort sensation for 3 months. I can now move his joints.


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