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KAC LAGOS 2016 – Testimonies

Sharp pain in my left shoulder for few weeks. After prayer, I couldn’t feel the pain after exercising the shoulder.


I had infection in my kidneys (kidney stone) since 2015; it was very bad, causing pain on my left side, from my tommy to my arms and shoulders. After prayer, I believe every remnant of the condition was completely erased, I believe my kidneys are as good as new.

I had pain in my right shoulder for about a year and lower back for about six years. After prayer, No more pain! No more pain!!


My daughter who married last year told me she had fibroid, when I saw people’s testimonies on the screen and the man of God prayed; I felt her healing and I myself I am healed of pains in my left ribs. I give God the glory.


I had a severe sexual incapacitation for 10 months. After the prayer; I felt God touch my body and my function has been restored.


I received my healing from abdominal pain; it’s been serious for 3 months.


I had pains in my right shoulder and in my back occasionally; it’s been for around 3 years now. It just vanished after prayer. Glory to God.


I have been sick for a few months, I received healing by laying on of hands on my body.


I have been having very severe pain in my right teeth gum. After prayer; I felt a soothing relief of the pain from my gum.


I had a discomforting pain in my shoulder for about a month. I got healed before Dr. Randy Clark prayed.


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