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  1. I was not hearing well with the right ear for over 10 years.  After prayers, headache stopped and I started hearing with the right ear…  Patience
  2. Healed of neck pain. For some time when I go to bed to sleep at night, the pain will just come.  When the man of God said those that have neck pain should stand, I did what he asked us to and I was healed…  Ganiyu
  3. Healed of shoulder and back pain. It was so severe because of an accident in 1999. I was touched and the pain left me all to the glory of God…  Sunday
  4. Healed of clear of vision. It was myopia then I became Photophobic. I was given glasses for over 10 years. I can see without glasses and I can look into the light without squinting… Blessing
  5. I can now read without my glasses after 4 years …Elisha
  6. I was healed of right leg pain. I couldn’t lift my right leg. I can now walk with my right leg which I couldn’t do before ….Rev. Ben
  7. Healed of blurred vision. I couldn’t read certain letterings and fonts before now. I can now read the smaller fonts on the Lapis Lazuli flyer…George
  8. I was healed of tooth pain ache…. Agatha
  9. I was diagnosed of swelling in the right breast for over 6 months now, the pain in the left breast disappeared after prayers….Barry
  10. I got healed of back pain and eye pain … Blessing.


  1. I had my left ankle sprained on Wednesday 28th August 2019. I had to use a walking stick to walk and climb the stairs. After I was prayed for, a word of knowledge came through Leif Hetland and I was healed. Mrs Alero
  2. My son has been diagnosed of Autism. He had behavioural inability, restlessness, little speech, never shows love and always in his world. He’s had this condition since he was 2. He is 6 now. He wasn’t prayed for but during the worship in the morning, he came and gave me a big, loving and sincere hug for the first time ever. I see it as a sign of Papa’s affirmation that He loves Max, myself and his mom.  Mr Dika
  3. I’ve had muscular pain in my left shoulder from childhood. It has been very discomforting and painful. The pain would come and go and I couldn’t relax my shoulder without feeling pain. After I was prayed for, the pains disappeared. I can now relax my shoulder without feeling pain. Chibuzor
  4. I’ve had migraine headache as result of long time cardiovascular diseases for two decades. I had a total relief after I was prayed for. Anonymous
  5. I’ve had allergic Rhinitis since birth. It was severe to the point where I could finish more than a tissue box in a night. After I was prayed for, I could perceive the air better. Anonymous
  6. I was diagnosed with long sightedness with cataract since teenager. Earlier I was to use the glass for reading only but after some period I couldn’t do without the glasses. During the prayer, I heard “no man will lay hands on you” and I saw like a theatre, doctors & nurses removing something from my eyes and as if they were rushing and in a hurry to finish the operation in that realm. So I believed the cataract has been spiritually removed. I tried to walk around yesterday without the glasses and felt much better than when I came. Praise God!! Chinyere
  7. I’ve had back ache for about a year now. It was very discomforting. As I listened to speaker talk about healing, I prayed for my back ache and it left. Thank you Jesus!! Abigail
  8. I’ve had right knee bursitis since June. I was diagnosed for it as well. It was severe to the point of waking me up every night. After prayers at Sister Mina’s house, the pain left same night. Dr Anita
  9. I’ve been having burning pain on my right knee. It was diagnosed as Arthritis. I’ve had this condition since I was 40years but it became very severe in the past 3 years. It was a very severe pain that hinders movement. After I was prayed for yester night, the knee became free and painless. Ernest
  10. I got prayed for lower back and tail bone pain. It was excruciating and difficult to sit for long. I’ve had this condition for 6 days. The moment the word of knowledge came, the pain disappeared. Udofia


  1. I’ve had a swelling on the right side of my neck over 2 years. It was diagnosed as Hyperthyroidism. It was painful and stressful. After I was prayed for I received my healing immediately. Anonymous
  2. I fell on the floor in the church and after the fall I started experiencing serious shoulder pains. I’ve had this pain for over 2 years. After I was prayed for, I received my healing. I can now lift my left hand up without feeling pains. Anonymous
  3. I’ve been having pain in my tail joint for 1 year 6 months. It prevented me from doing normal/regular activities. During Prayers, Dr Leif Hetland mentioned my case when he came up to minister on Monday 2nd September and I received my healing almost instantly. Mr Samuel
  4. A painful growth in my upper right hand since 2015 disappeared completely after prayer… Mrs. Balahat
  5. As the word of knowledge came my spirit was lifted, the itching pains underneath my right feet ceased ….Mrs. Moses
  6. Pastor Tomi declared that someone with an eye infection is being healed. The eye problem was serious for about two weeks. The eye problem disappeared after prayer…Emmanuel
  7. I was healed of cervical spondylosis and shoulder pain of over 1 year. I was able to swing my right arm for over twenty times…Comfort
  8. Left eye pains and blurred vision that has lasted 2 years. I was diagnosed though I can’t remember the medical term but the condition was caused by bacteria. I’ve had this condition for 2 years. After I was prayed for, I received instant healing. Glory to God. Mr Mohammed
  9. I was prayed for healing for severe headache. The doctor diagnosed ulcer and heart problem. I’ve had this headache for over 20 years. After I was prayed for, the pain disappeared. I don’t feel any headache again. Anonymous
  10. Left eye pain and blurred vision that has lasted for 2 years. I had the doctor’s diagnosis but can’t remember the medical name but the condition is caused by bacterial. After prayers, I got instant healing. Mohammed
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