I am physically handicapped on my left leg since I was three. After the prayers, God worked on my life and the inner wounds were healed yesterday morning. I give thanks to God.

Bishop (Dr). Morris

I got prayed for peace of mind and calm spirit. After the prayers I was calm. 


I had long sightedness. I couldn’t see very well especially from a far distant. I’ve had this eye problem for 20 years. During the prayers, I felt heat all over my body. Now I can see even from far distant. 


I have been having stomach pain for one year. After the prayers, everything changed completely, the stomach pain disappeared and I am not the same anymore. Thank you Jesus. 


I had chest pain for the past three years but after the prayers God healed me and I’m now free. 


The spirit of disunity in my home over 15 years was so severe that I was about divorcing. After the prayers, God has started settling issues in my home and has also cancelled the spirit of divorce in me. 


I have been having severe back pain for 14 years. After the prayers, the pain dropped but I still feel some pains. 


I went out for prayers for total healing. After the prayers, I have faith that I am totally healed. 


I had a breakthrough after the prayers because all my sickness disappeared and the impossibility has become possible in my life. My situation has totally changed. 


I have been feeling light pain for 3 months. After the prayers I got healed and felt the new power of God in me.


I had severe head ache, back pain and heavy burdens in my heart for some months now. After the prayers, the headache vanished, the back pain reduced and I got relieved from the burdens I had. 


I was diagnosed of Hernia of the Scrotum and It was very painful for one year seven months. After the prayers, the pains disappeared. 


I was diagnosed of typhoid 180. It was really bad and I have been suffering from it for one month. After the prayers, I felt relieved and I have this deep feeling of not seeing the doctor again. 


I was diagnosed of high blood pressure and I’ve been oppressed for 3 years from this illness. After the prayers, I was healed. 


Back pain of over 13 years was healed after the prayer session. Thank you Jesus. 


I could not see clearly before the prayers but after the prayers I was healed and can now see clearly. 


I had body pains and headache and this started since yesterday. After prayers, the pain disappeared I am now alright. 


At the back of the hall during the afternoon break, Mrs Alero Ayida-Oyobo prayed and ministered favour to me on the first day of the program. Before the conference, I have been waiting for over a year to do my clinical houseman ship but nothing seems to happen despite my several application letters I submitted all over the states in Nigeria. This hindered me from doing my National Youth Service which can only be done after I have completed my houseman ship. After the first day of the conference, I switched on my phone and discovered that during the afternoon I was being prayed for, that God had answered my prayers as I was notified through a sms to come collect my appointment letter and start my clinical houseman ship. 


I have been suffering from back pains for almost a year now. During the prayer session at the conference God healed me. I am now strong and healthy. Thank you Jesus. 


I have been having this sharp pain on my chest and legs. The doctor diagnosed it as rheumatism (an outcome of an auto crash). It was severe and I have been admitted on several occasions at the hospital. After the ministration and prayers, I noticed the pains were gone. Thank you Jesus. 


I lost my cartilage in my knee and was using clutches. God helped me walked well after the operation; I didn’t have to use my clutches again. 


I had a slipped disc. It was serious and very painful. After the prayers, I felt relieved of the pain. 


I came to the conference with a severe knee pain on my left leg since January 2018. God’s power came down to heal me after the prayer of Dr Tom Jones on the first day. 


I was diagnosed of diabetes and malaria. I got my healing from this oppression after I was being prayed for and I also got anointed.

Rev. Chris

I’ve been suffering from blackouts. My doctor’s report read “low blood count and low haemoglobin”. It was so bad that every month I lose consciousness and faint especially on a sunny day and this has been persistent for over 7 years. After the prayers, I felt a movement through my body and my vision cleared. I felt strong and energized.