Lapis Lazuli desires to reawaken the Body of Christ to recieving the extravagant love of The Father,and our call to respond by loving God with all our hearts, soul, strength and mind. We seek to encourage enbedding this love culture in our churches and ministries, so that hearts are reconnected to our Heavenly Fathers Heart. Lapis lazuli ministeries is a vessel that seeks to repair faulty foundations thus raising up generations of sons and daughters. It desires to celebrate across churches and ministeries all that unites us,thus breaking down walls.
We look to partner with those whose desire is to expand Gods Kingdom in the nations.We invite you to join us, as together we can provide a forum to support,network, and encourage the body of Christ into love,maturity and unity through teaching,mentoring and impartation. This unity in the Body of Christ has always attracted an out pouring of The Holy Spirit impacting the spiritual state of the Nations.


Lapis is the Latin word for Stone , and Lazuli is from the Arabic word Azula.This precious blue gem stone with golden inclusions of Pyrites, is said to have come out of Middle East history, and is said to be found in few deposits around the world. The ancients associated this stone with friendship and truth which are such a foundational and integral part of Our Lord.

This stone is sometimes referred to as sapphires in some Bible texts. There are a number of references to this foundational stone in both the old and new testaments in the Bible.
It is first mentioned in Exodus 24v9-10 where it is described as the paved work under Our Lords Feet and it is also referred to in Exodus 28v15-21, as one of the stones on the breast plate of judgement that Aaron wore to bear Israel before God, on his heart. In Jobs discourse on wisdom in Chapter 28v 6 and16, mention is made of this stone and Song of Solomon 5v 14 describes it in the Body of The Beloved. The book of Isaiah,chapter 54v11 describes this stone as being used in the foundation of the dwelling of the Redeemed, and we find it referenced again in Ezekiel 1 v 25to28 where it is referred to as the foundation stone of the Throne in heaven. The last book in the Bible, Revelation 21v19 refers to the second foundations of the wall of the new Jerusalem as being adorned with lapis lazuli.

One of the recurring themes in the reference to lapis lazuli in the Bible, is its use in foundations. Faulty foundations can not sustain great works. The extravagant love of God our Father, Jesus as the cornerstone, Empowering by the Holy Spirit, Truth of Gods Word and Preaching the gospel in power are some core values that are required for rebuilding some of our foundations. Love,friendship and beauty are also representive of Lapis Lazuli, as we see Aaron bearing the breastplate on his heart,the seat of love ,even in judgement.
Song of Solomons description of the beloved Jesus,and His Holy City in Revelation also emphasis beauty as revealed by the stone.