I think it's such a wonderful declaration when the Passion story is dramatised in a central place like Trafalgar Square in London.

I think it’s such a wonderful declaration when the Passion story is dramatised in a central place like Trafalgar Square in London.

The Passion of Christ at Trafalger square on Good Friday
The Last Supper

I wish we could see this in every city where the name of Jesus is lifted up. Some have been in the Lenten fast, others ate Freyjon on Good Friday or avoided meat, as we contemplated the greatest sacrifice of all time of Jesus Christ crucified on the Cross. But we all woke full of excitement on the glorious Easter Sunday, ” Yes, Our Lord Jesus Christ is risen indeed”. Alleluia!

But did it occur to us all, that this most defining Kairos moment in History that we celebrate yearly, was hinged on the obedience of Jesus Christ based out of His love for Father God. Are we aware that Jesus going to the Cross so we could enter into His healing, forgiveness, blessing, His righteousness, riches, eternity and more would not have happened except for the obedience of our Lord. It was His ability to listen to His Father, and obey completely His Father’s strategy and instructions no matter how challenging, difficult or unwise it appeared, that you and I are celebrating today. 

Jesus was obedient to deliver His part, so Father God could reconcile you and I back to Himself and into eternity with Him. It was this fruit of obedience from Jesus that enabled God unleash the resurrection power on humanity through the ages.

What power can the Lord unleash in our families, our communities, our nation when we obey? Is it possible that we don’t see as much change as we expect around us, because of our inability to listen and then obey?

Where would we be without the power of resurrection? Paul says that of all people we would be the most pitied. (1 Corinthians 15 v 19 )It is the resurrection of Jesus that completely differentiates Christianity from every other religion in that our Saviour, Jesus Christ rose from the grave, was seen by over 500 people and ascended into heaven and is seated on the right hand side of God the Father, and so I can have a relationship with Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. That way, I don’t have to try to do life blind and guessing. I can speak with Him as we are in a loving relationship and I can listen to what He says and allow Him direct all my steps.

Usually when we speak about “obedience”, it sounds very legalistic and high-handed, and people struggle with this. I would like to suggest that when we are in relationship with one we love, then obedience then takes on a whole new meaning. Firstly, we recognise that Father God is all- knowing, and Almighty and knows the end from the beginning, ( Isaiah 46 v 10 ) so why would I not want information from He who knows it all. 

Also because my highest desire is to bring Him pleasure, His love in my heart compels me to ask Him and be obedient. If I am in relationship, I want Father in on everything I am doing. Papa is wooing His children to Himself and desires that we receive His love, and walk in obedience. We have done it our way too long and not seen much results. We have not been down this road before so we need to obey Our Lord who is the Way. Sometimes it’s pride and our fleshy ideas that stops us from acknowledging we don’t know exactly, and need Father God to tell us what to do. I always say that man’s way produces man’s result, but God’s way produces God’s result, and there is always a huge difference.

We need to remember the tried and tested advice of Mary the mother of Jesus, to the servants at the wedding in Cana …..     “anything He tells you, do it” (John 2 v 5 ) Sometimes, it seems quite absurd, like filling a pot with water and drawing from it and taking it to the guest of honour at the wedding who wasexpecting wine..! Or going to Abuja when the airport is closed with 28 expatriates, and renting the biggest venue on a weekday and inviting His Church Body. 

But it was the obedience of the servants that enabled Father God provide the best wine at the wedding in Cana and it was obedience again, that unleashed blessings, healing, unity and so much more at the just concluded Kingdom Foundations in Abuja.

Creator God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can do it all on Their own. However they choose to have us be involved in mighty earth shaking ventures, through us drawing near, listening, and obeying with the help of the Holy Spirit. How awesome is this.

The whole Bible is about so many who have walked in total obedience, like Abraham, David, Joshua, Caleb to mention a few, and the fruit of their obedience was beneficial not only to themselves, but generations going forward. We also read that Samuel describes disobedience as the sin of rebellion. This is an aspect of life in the Kingdom we need to take on board seriously, if we want His Kingdom to rapidly expand through us.

There is no greater disservice we do to ourselves than shutting ourselves out of things Father wants us to be involved with, or shutting others off from what they should receive, when we haven’t walked in obedience. May the Holy Spirit help us grasp the importance of seeking His ways so we walk where He leads. May He help us to stop and listen, and then like the servants at the wedding in Cana, do whatever He tells us, such that heaven will unleash so much more fruit and blessings for our generations.