KRC Lagos 2017 – Testimonies

Healed of back phone via phone call during the conference

For months, my mum had pains at the right side of her back. It was so painful she said she always bent when walking. During prayers, I called her and told her to hold her back. When I called her back, she said, “I can walk better; no pain.”

May 4, 2017

Healed of fibroid

I was healed of fibroid which was diagnosed in 2009. It was very severe that when I was pregnant, it ignited forced labour when my pregnancy was only 5 months. But God healed me completely.


Pastor Kemi Omotayo, Abuja May 4, 2017

Delivered from Depression

I was always unhappy with myself, my life and every other person around me. I was also angry at God. I hated going to church. This had gone on for 4 years. In the course of the conference, I felt a burden lifted from my heart. Now all I feel inside my heart is peace, joy and compassion. And I thank God for not leaving my side even when I was angry at Him.


Barbara Aguolu May 4, 2017

Healed of Rashes

I was healed of rashes which had disturbed me since 2005. The healing happened when hands were laid on me


Peter, SCC Road, Bwari FCT, Abuja May 4, 2017

Healed of toothache

I have had a tooth extracted before and I have had others filled. I recently could not chew without shocks coming up again. As at yesterday, it still persisted-I couldn’t chew properly. A word of knowledge was given. I went back home last night and the first thing I chewed on the right side of my mouth was cake. I didn’t get that sensation as it was during the day before the word of knowledge.


Ende Enogba May 4, 2017

Healed of an eye problem

The eye problem had been on for 5 years. I got depressed whenever I thought about the sickness. I thank God because yesterday, I received my sight.


Sonia Jinia Whatley May 4, 2017