Kingdom Revival Conference Lagos 2017 – Testimonies

Healed of shoulder pain

I have had the pain in my right shoulder for years, but after being prayed for the pain is gone. I can’t find the pain anymore.

Healed of eye pain

I’ve had this pain in my eyes for a month when prayers was going on. It stated itching and stopped I believe am healed.

Healed of memory loss

I’m a teacher and I have had this memory issue for years forgetting things easily but when I was prayed for I had a relief.

Healed of shoulder pain

I have had this shoulder pain on the back of the neck for a while but while the video was shown and prayers going on I felt a numbness and the pain is gone.

Healed of eye problem

I have had eyes issues for a while and couldn’t stare at the light directly but while the video was shown and was prayed for. Now I can stare at the light without any pain.

Healed of chronic pains resulting from an accident

I had an accident that caused a lot of pains and as I was prayed for I felt a coldness on my neck and chest like someone breathing on and after the prayers I am free from all pains.

Multiple healing

I am healed of Sinuse infection (over 10 years) on my knees and lower back (since teenage years). I got prayed for and the pain in my knees stopped, pressure on my nose stopped, headache gone. I can bend well and touch my knees without pain in my lower back.

Mrs Sheyi O.

Healed of bust pain

I received significant relieve of bust pain, after being prayed for.

  • Awuneba A.

Healed of pains from an accident

I got healed of pains from an accident I had 3-to-4 months ago. When I was prayed for; I felt an unusual mighty flow of cold air rushing into my chest and then I fell down and I was healed as Paul Martini ministered to me.

  • Tijani O

Healed of over five years of right back pain

The man of God just spoke concerning my case, and I am healed.

  • Philip O.

Healed of memory loss and heart pain

I have had this health condition for over 15 years. I got prayed for and got cured.

  • Olusegun A.

Healed of eyes pain

My eyes was hurting and itching. While I was prayed for, the pain stopped! So I tried to read prints I couldn’t read before (Yes, I can read them).

  • Ayomide A.

Healed of strange movement in my head and sharp pain

I have had this condition for two years. I got prayed for; the pain relieved and the movement stop.

  • Odia E.

Impartation of new idea

As a result of being prayed for; I felt God is imparting some new ideas to my life and ministry.

  • Pastor Moses O. A.

Healed of sharp pain on my right ankle

A word of knowledge came specifically and I believed the Lord Jesus had me in mind. While prayer was on, I continued to check for the pain but it had gone.

  • Oluwatosin A.

Healed of post stroke / hormonal issues

I got cleared vision and stable feeling, in the process of being prayed for.

Healed of knee pain

I got healed of severe pain on my knee.

  • Joy O.