Kingdom Foundation Abuja 2017 – Testimonies

Healed of a broken shoulder, mother healed of a painful knee

I have had a broken shoulder and a painful nerve for a year. The pain in my shoulder was severe. The pain has disappeared.

My mother hadn’t walked without aid for about a year and was due for a revision of a knee surgery. The first surgery was done 17 years ago. One of the team members prayed on her x-ray report which I had with me. I later went home and prayed for my mum. In faith, she dropped her walker and began to walk around for 20 minutes unaided. Her faith revived and strength returned. PRAISE GOD!!!

Priscilla Iheanacho, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Healed of painful urination

I had a problem with my urinating organ and was waiting for a surgery. I have had a tube placed in my bladder for 4 months and there was usually serious pain whenever I urinated. Now, there is no more pain, not at all. What is left is for me to urinate directly without the tube.

Agam Jeffery, Bukuru, Jos.

Healed of fibroid

I was healed of fibroid which was diagnosed in 2009. It was very severe that when I was pregnant, it ignited forced labour when my pregnancy was only 5 months. But God healed me completely.

Pastor Kemi Omotayo, Abuja

Delivered from Depression

I was always unhappy with myself, my life and every other person around me. I was also angry at God. I hated going to church. This had gone on for 4 years. In the course of the conference, I felt a burden lifted from my heart. Now all I feel inside my heart is peace, joy and compassion. And I thank God for not leaving my side even when I was angry at Him.

Barbara Aguolu

Healed of Rashes

I was healed of rashes which had disturbed me since 2005. The healing happened when hands were laid on me

Peter, SCC Road, Bwari FCT, Abuja

Healed of toothache

I have had a tooth extracted before and I have had others filled. I recently could not chew without shocks coming up again. As at yesterday, it still persisted-I couldn’t chew properly. A word of knowledge was given. I went back home last night and the first thing I chewed on the right side of my mouth was cake. I didn’t get that sensation as it was during the day before the word of knowledge.

Ende Enogba

Healed of an eye problem

The eye problem had been on for 5 years. I got depressed whenever I thought about the sickness. I thank God because yesterday, I received my sight.

Sonia Jinia Whatley

Healed of Teary Eye

For about 4 years, I was unable to see clearly with my eyes, I teared constantly and was unable to look directly into bright light. I also had a sharp pain with associated headaches. Now I can see clearly. I have no more pains and headaches.

Hassan Ayuba, Usman Mua’zu Road, Kaduna.

Healed of excruciating pain on the right knee

For over 2 months, I have had excruciating pains on my right knee. I had difficulty kneeling and stretching my right knee. I felt about 80% healed and I am believing God almighty for a 100% healing.

Blessing Adamu, Airport Road, Abuja.

Healed of Pain on the wrist and middle finger

I have had pains in my wrist and middle finger for a very long time. The pains began to subside during the conference.

Healed of Acute Spondylitis

 For about 6 months, I have had severe pain in my left and right shoulders due to acute spondylitis. My 5th, 6th and 7th vertebrae were affected. I could not roll my neck without pain. I was just shy of surgery (which should have been done earlier). After the prayer for healing, I was healed. I can now roll my neck left, right and round. The pain is mostly gone.

Zubairu Jide Atta

Healed of Pain under the Heel

I had pain under my heel for over a year. The pain was severe and was more whenever I stood up. After the prayer for healing, the pain was greatly reduced.

Oluwayomi Nakpoberuo

Healed of Pain under the Right Foot

I used to have very sharp pains under my right foot. This had gone on for about 2 years. After prayers, I was healed. The sharp pains are gone. Praise God!!

Healed of Knee/Leg Pain

For over a year, I had pain in my knee. Whenever I stood for long, I would begin to feel the pain. In the course of prayers, the knee pain ceased and the pain was transferred to my feet. The spirit of affliction was bound and now JESUS has freed me.

Shopade Tolulope Adejumoke, Law School, Bwari, Abuja.

Healed of left knee injury

I sustained an injury on my left knee over three months ago. There was a swelling and I couldn’t walk properly without a band tied round it. In the course of the prayers, I felt a sensation and the swelling disappeared.

Samuel Bonney

Healed of a broken wrist

I suffered a broken wrist and have had pain on the wrist for about 10 years. The pain was severe and I couldn’t grab strong objects. I also couldn’t hold someone firmly. The pain had once stopped but began again last year. After the prayers, I felt relieved.

Healed of back, waist and leg pains

I had problems with my 4th and 5th vertebrae in 2013. This caused me lower back, waist and leg pains. The pains were very severe. In the course of the prayers, I experienced heat all over my body. And the pain subsequently reduced.

N. Nnadoze

Healed of back and neck pain

I have had pain in my back and neck as well as blurry vision. The pains were really bad and I couldn’t see clearly without my glasses. I was born with the eye problem. After prayers, my vision became clearer and the pains are mostly gone.


Healed of back phone via phone call during the conference

For months, my mum had pains at the right side of her back. It was so painful she said she always bent when walking. During prayers, I called her and told her to hold her back. When I called her back, she said, “I can walk better; no pain.”

Healed of Eye Pain

For some months now, I have had pain in my eyes. The pain often came on whenever I operated a laptop, TV or handset for some minutes. I would also have feelings of stones in my eyes and associated tearing. After prayers, I was able to look at light. I can now operate my phone without pains, tears or a feeling of stones in my eyes.

Healed of Neck Pain

I felt pain at the back of my neck for about a day. I felt it so hard during the day. There was also a swollen spot. During the word-as Tom Jones was ministering about progressive healing-I started feeling the pain leave. I felt it leave completely.

Etiowo Daniel