KAC LAGOS 2016 – Testimonies

I feel released from the spirit of depression. I am delivered and healed from a bad spirit of depression which has been afflicting me from childhood.


I got prayer for healing on excruciating back pain, which has been for over 2 years. While the prayers were going on, I tried to bend down, I did not feel the excruciating pains any more.


I prayed for my body to receive healing from a 3 year condition, I didn’t feel anything then, until today – which is the next day; I discovered that my knee has healed.

Pastor Promise

He was healed of blood disease, which he had since birth (2 years), and the medical diagnosis of the blood disease came out negative.


My grandma has been blind (cataract) in the left eye for 6 years and in the right for 1 year. She began to see with both eyes and even distinguish colours.


No more stiff back and hip pain


Digestion problems that made digestion and stooling difficult is gone. The pain on my side (left side) is also gone.


I was healed of an uncomfortable pain on my right side.


Healed of chest pain. I swallowed spit and my breathing became better.


Restoration of my hearing in my right ear after 17 years. I can hear better than before.