KAC 2016 Written Testimonies

Sharp pain in my left shoulder for few weeks. After prayer, I couldn’t feel the pain after exercising the shoulder.



I had infection in my kidneys (kidney stone) since 2015; it was very bad, causing pain on my left side, from my tommy to my arms and shoulders. After prayer, I believe every remnant of the condition was completely erased, I believe my kidneys are as good as new.

Helen-Nellie Adigwe


I had pain in my right shoulder for about a year and lower back for about six years. After prayer, No more pain! No more pain!!



My daughter who married last year told me she had fibroid, when I saw people’s testimonies on the screen and the man of God prayed; I felt her healing and I myself I am healed of pains in my left ribs. I give God the glory.



I had a severe sexual incapacitation for 10 months. After the prayer; I felt God touch my body and my function has been restored.



I received my healing from abdominal pain; it’s been serious for 3 months.



I had pains in my right shoulder and in my back occasionally; it’s been for around 3 years now. It just vanished after prayer. Glory to God.



I have been sick for a few months, I received healing by laying on of hands on my body.



I have been having very severe pain in my right teeth gum. After prayer; I felt a soothing relief of the pain from my gum.



I had a discomforting pain in my shoulder for about a month. I got healed before Dr. Randy Clark prayed.



I had pain in my left ankle, left knee and right knee for a week now. It disappeared! I didn’t just feel it again.



I had a sharp pain in my left hip for about 3 months on and off; I could not exercise because of the sharp pain. I have stopped feeling the pain.



I have had my ear seriously itching every hour for 5 years, have not scratch it since this session begins.





My grandma has been blind (cataract) in the left eye for 6 years and in the right for 1 year. She began to see with both eyes and even distinguish colours.



He was healed of blood disease, which he had since birth (2 years), and the medical diagnosis of the blood disease came out negative.



I prayed for my body to receive healing from a 3 year condition, I didn’t feel anything then, until today – which is the next day; I discovered that my knee has healed.

Pastor Promise


I got prayer for healing on excruciating back pain, which has been for over 2 years. While the prayers were going on, I tried to bend down, I did not feel the excruciating pains any more.



I feel released from the spirit of depression. I am delivered and healed from a bad spirit of depression which has been afflicting me from childhood.



I received healing from a very uncomfortable pain in my left eye.



I discovered itching of eye was gone when Dr Randy gave a word of knowledge regarding itching of the eye.



I stopped stooling blood and I started my menstrual period immediately.



Back pain as if pepper was poured inside my back was reduced.



3 years glaucoma and short sightedness was healed. I could see from one screen clearly from the back where I was standing and I saw it without using glasses.



I was healed of shoulder pain and back pain, eye itches and kidney problems.



2 years pelvic inflammation pain is gone



Pain is gone.


I felt some heat sensation and relief from 5 years lower back pain.




I am confident I have received one manifestation of breakthrough in my life.



No more stiff back and hip pain



Digestion problems that made digestion and stooling difficult is gone. The pain on my side (left side) is also gone.


I was healed of an uncomfortable pain on my right side.



Healed of chest pain. I swallowed spit and my breathing became better.



Restoration of my hearing in my right ear after 17 years. I can hear better than before.


On Friday evening during the WORD OF KNOWLEDGE’ Randy Clark’s assistance prayed for me and I was healed of left knee problem. During the WORD OF KNOWLEDGE a lady among the team said that she heard of someone who have problem climbing stair case I received it because last year November I hit my knee as I was about entering tricycle and the pain has been so severe but now I can climb the stairs as much as I want without any pain.

That same Friday while Blaine Cook was ministering I heard to buy him shirt, it wasn’t up to 5 minutes that my Aunt seating next to me gave me N10,000 and I used the money to buy shirt for three of them, I want to thank God because ever since then people have been showing me love.



I received my healing in the last ministration. I had sinus with severe cough that always embarrassed me but that evening to the glory of God till today am totally heal and I bless the name of The Lord! God bless your Ministry Amen.



I was healed of itchy watering right eye.



Back pain of several years disappeared. I can now bend without experiencing any pain.




Healed of depression of about a year. I felt a wave of peace and all the resentment and bitterness I felt lifted.


One year fracture of left hand pain is gone.